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Chemcard™ Glucose Test

The Chemcard™ Glucose Test is a simple, effective screening test which is used to identify abnormally high fasting plasma glucose (blood sugar) levels which are often a warning sign of diabetes. Chemcard™ Glucose is a 3 minute test which requires a single drop of blood obtained from a fingerstick, requires no instruments, and was shown in clinical trials to be 94 to 99.95 percent accurate in identifying normal and abnormal fasting plasma glucose levels. The Chemcard™ Glucose Test requires no instruments.

The Chemcard™ Glucose Test is 510(k) approved for both home use and in doctor's offices in the USA by the FDA.

The Chemcard™ Glucose Test is CE marked for self-testing in the European Union under Annex IV, Article 3 of EC Directive 98/79/EC on IN VITRO Diagnostic Medical Devices.

The Chemcard™ Glucose Test is not intended for use by persons who are known to be diabetic, or who are pregnant.

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